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Medix - The private, VIP medical centre for advanced orthopedics, sports medicine and physiotherapy was established in 2006 by a group of specialists, to provide quality medical care to active populations.   

Medix is located at theTel Aviv olympic complex.
The centre offers a wide range of medical & para-medical services for professional and amateur athletes of all ages, whether as individuals or in groups. As a Private, VIP center, All treatments are performed with the highest quality, in a pleasant atmosphere, with immediate availability and personal approach.

The convenience of having all services located in the same place, under the same roof and at the same time, creates a synergy never seen before, in benefit of our patients.
It enables us to provide them with a comprehensive treatment to maximize their athletic performance, while improving overall function and well-being.

Advanced Physiotherapy Center
The goal of physiotherapy treatment is to develop, maintain and restore normal maximal movement and functional ability following injury and surgery. 

The physiotherapy is concerned with identifying and maximizing movement potential within the spheres of promotion ,prevention, treatment/intervention, habilitation and rehabilitation.
The Medix physiotherapy department is directed by two highly experienced professionals:
- Mr. Raffi Virshuvski, B.P.T, "Maccabi Electra Tel-Aviv" basketball team physiotherapist.
- Mr. Eran Mangel, B.P.T, former physiotherapist of Israel champion's teams in handball and man & women basketball.

Sports Medicine Department
Directed by Dr. Yoni Yarom M.D. a well experienced sports medicine specialist and a consultant and advisor to many sports teams and sports organizations.

The department treats medical conditions associated with physical activities, and performs advanced physiological testing such as determination of VO2max (maximal oxygen consumption), measuring of anaerobic threshold through metabolic and lactate testing, determination of RMR - Resting Metabolic Rate to aid in diet and control of body composition, and cardiac evaluation.

We also provide evidence-based exercise prescriptions to persons of all ages with virtually any chronic health condition, including overweight and obesity, heart disease, diabetes, malignancies, osteoporosis and others.
The exercise prescription is personally tailored for each patient's needs, abilities and preferences.

The sports medicine department also treats athlets with various conditions such as overtraining, chronic and acute sports related injuries, metabolic disorders, hematological disorders, and many other medical situations which might affect athletic performance or health. 
we use advanced treatment modalities such as PRP ( platelet-rich plasma) and Ultrasound guided therapeutic injections.
The Department staff consists of professionals from various medical fields:
Dr Gal Dubnov-Raz MD MSc, a specialist in pediatrics, a sports medicine specialist, with an MSc in clinical nutrition. 
Dr Roy Samuel, PhD. sport psychology consultant. Consults olympic and professional athletes in both individual and team sports, exercisers, performers and artists. Provides lectures and research in the areas of motivation, mental preparation to performance, adaptation to career changes, attention and concentration, achievement and excellence, expertise and more.
Ms. Yael Dror Saroussi M.Sc, a leading sports nutrition specialist and director of the nutritionists staff.
Dr David Alegem MD, surgeon, specializes in surgical related problems of active persons.
Dr Eithan Topper MD, pediatric endocrinologist, specializes in various disorders of growth and development.
Dr Gabi Shemesh MD, ophthalmologist, specializes in eye and vision disorders in athletes.
Dr Ernesto Glazer, MDradiologist, specializes in diagnostic ultrasound examinations of musculoskeletal problems in active persons.
Ms. Yael Kaufman Cohen, M.Sc OT, occupational therapist, hand therapist, ergonomic consultation.
Mr. David Reznik, BPT, former Israel national team coach in cycling, specializes in bike fitting ("Retul System").

Additional services includes: personal fitness training, Chinese medicine, massage therapy and others.        
Specialists in Orthopedic Surgery
The orthopedic department includes some of Israel's finest orthopedic surgeons who specialize in virtually every joint in the body: shoulder, foot, knee and ankle, spine, hips, neck, hand, wrist and elbow, alongside experts in pediatric orthopedics and general orthopedic.

Dr Ron Arbel, MD, Orthopedic surgeon, sports injuries, arthroscopic surgery.
Dr Eran Maman, MD, Orthopedic surgeon, shoulder surgeon.
Dr Yona Yaniv MD; Orthopedic surgeon, hand surgeon.
Dr Ram Yaron MD; Orthopedic surgeon, shoulder surgeon, sports injuries. 
Dr Amos Schindler MD, Orthopedics, foot & ankle surgeon, pediatric orthopedic surgeon.
Dr Ori Keynan, MD, Orthopedic spine surgeon.
Dr Yishai Rosenblatt, MD, Orthopedic surgeon, hand & upper limb surgeon.
Dr Sabri massarwa, MD, Orthopedic surgeon, foot & ankle.
Dr Ernesto Glazer, MD, Radiologist, specializes in diagnostic ultrasound examinations of musculoskeletal problems in active persons.
For additional information and appointment scheduling, please contact us :
Medix - Medical Center, at the Olympic center, Tel Aviv, Israel.
Tel:  +972-3-648-2333
Fax:  +972-3-648-2377
E-mail: info@medixlife.co.il
Our Address: 6 Shitrit St., Hadar Yosef, 69482, Tel Aviv, Israel.

The Department staff consists of 15 certified physiotherapists  B.P.T specializing in orthopedics, sports injuries, pre & post surgery and post road accidents rehabilitation.

Amongst other medical problems, we treat sprains, strains, dislocated shoulder, muscle and ligament injuries, herniated discs and a wide array of additional musculoskeletal conditions.
We use high-end technologies such as Electrotherapy, Thermal therapy, Shock Wave Therapy and unique manual treatments methods.

The physiotherapists work around the clock, providing high availability whice can accommodate every patient's daily schedule. Most of the staff is multi-Lingual. 

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